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About Me

      About ten years ago I followed the example of my daughter Misty, quitting my job, to go out and form my own business.

     I’ve been a 'working woman' in the insurance field since I was 17 (more than 40 years ago). I’ve put three children through school, relying on my skills and knowledge of insurance to make the bills when there wasn't any child support during periods of divorce. I’ve sold insurance while living everywhere from Alaska to California, in a number of different companies and environments, providing customers with great service in everything from auto insurance to commercial insurance. I’ve been a file clerk in my younger years, a licensed insurance agent since 1972, and an office manager in various companies. I’ve trained owner’s sons or buddies, only to report to them the next week.   I’ve been the "top dog" of insurance sales for practically every company I’ve worked, mainly because I know my stuff, and I handle everything in a personal, timely, accurate, and - most importantly - an honest manner.

     But as I watched the example of my daughter, following her dream of having her own horse training and boarding stable business, and as I saw that business grow and become reasonably successful after years of her hard work, I finally reached a point where I decided to follow her example and take a calculated risk: to go out on my own, with my own insurance agency.

Therefore, I started my own insurance agency, in 1997.  I've become very good at what I do - I had to

     That risk has paid off, mainly due to three things. First, I already had the skills, knowledge, contacts, and respect. I can often get my quotes completed ahead of others, simply because the various brokerages that I deal with know that the information that I send them is complete and accurate, and they know that they won’t have to make a dozen phone calls to obtain the information they need. Secondly, I began specializing in the Equine insurance field. Originally I did this because of my daughter's business interests and contacts, but I eventually found that I just enjoy it more. I like ‘horse people’ and the horse business, and the special challenges and opportunities Robert Olsonwe face.  Thirdly, and finally, my son Robert designed this website in 1999.  Prior to that, my business projections were not where I wanted them to be, and I worried that I might need to close my business and go back to work for someone else.  But your response via the internet kept the business alive, allowing us to continue and grow, to the point that we're now thriving beyond expectations.

     So, instead of working for others, I was able to operate on the same property as my daughter and her ranch, writing insurance full time for customers who are mainly within Equine related businesses; although I still handle the needs of people who want Commercial Ranch, Fire & Liability insurance, and have recently branched out into Catering Trucks.  And since most of my work is done via the phone, and through the wonders of the internet, I have the opportunity to live anywhere I want, and I moved my business just outside of Yosemite, CA - - an area that President Roosevelt described as the most beautiful in the world!

     I enjoy being able to help. I enjoy being able to provide comprehensive policies, relating specifically to the special needs of Equine Mortality Insurance, including Major Medical options, as well as equine related insurance for Boarding Stables, Trail or Pony ride insurance, and Horse & Riding Clubs.  I enjoy being able to get these policies at a savings for my customers and provide assistance when needs arise.  I think its important to have a personal touch and relationship.  This is the reason that I refuse to have one of those darned phone menu systems installed in my office - you know the ones where you have to "press 2 to speak to so and so" or "press 3 for new accounts" and the such.  So, I'll use an answering machine for off business hours, but if no one will be in the office for extended periods I set up the phone so that it forwards all calls to my personal cell phone -- so that no matter where I am I can personally speak to each of you, my customers.

I enjoy my customers!

     I hope I can be of assistance to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at the address/email address, or phone number below.

 Jorene Mize