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PRIVACY POLICY of Jorene Mize Insurance Agency

This privacy policy applies to all web sites owned and operated by Jorene Mize Insurance Agency (JMIA).

JMIA is committed to protecting your right to privacy when visiting our web site.  Just as we don't want our personal information shared without our knowledge whenever visiting an internet site, a business over the telephone, or in any other contact, we certainly realize you don't want your information shared without your knowledge either.  Therefore,  JMIA promises to treat the information you share in a serious and responsible manner.

This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, and how we use that information.


In order to provide you with accurate insurance quotes from 3rd party insurance providers, it is necessary for us to collect personal information such as names, personal or email addresses, vehicle or property information, as well as commercial or retail values, etc.   We may use this information to contact you, or provide it to 3rd party insurance providers - strictly for the purpose of obtaining insurance quotes.


JMIA does not sell, give, provide, share, or in any other manner allow any person or company to obtain the personal information you provide JMIA in order to obtain an insurance quote, with the exception of 3rd party insurance providers, as noted in the above paragraph.

Email and Spam

JMIA is opposed to spam.  We will not send unsolicited information, nor will we provide your email address to anyone, anytime, or in any fashion, except the 3rd party insurance providers for the sole purposes of obtaining a quote for your insurance or to secure an insurance policy for you. Exception: JMIA may send you a follow up email reminder within 2 weeks of your 1st request for an insurance quote, and possibly upon the most likely date of your policy expiration date.  At your request, these reminders will not be sent.  To send such a request, simply email us and state that you do not wish further email.

JMIA does not link your email address with any of your personal information or IP address anywhere on the Jorene Mize Insurance Agency web site, or anywhere on the internet, or on any computer directly connected to the internet.


JMIA doesn't store any personal information on the internet, and we don't accept credit card payments online.


JMIA does not capture IP addresses.


JMIA does not use cookies, though counter services we use to track website traffic might do so.  Additionally, the Google Advertisments also use cookies, and we do list a number of books which our customers have found useful or interesting, and does use cookies in their advertisements. However, nothing is kept by JMIA or reported back to JMIA from either Amazon or Google about individual users.