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Equine Mortality Insurance

Understanding Mortality Insurance

Mortality insurance is sort of a "life insurance" policy on your horse.  It covers death from virtually any accident or sickness, and our policies typically  include humane destruction by a veterinarian, should that be necessary.  Coverage is for the replacement value of the horse should it die or be stolen. 

Note:> Our insurance policies DO cover colic surgery.  Compare apples to apples when considering your options!  Many providers may seem to have a better premium, but they don't include this surgery, which could end up costing you thousands more in the long run!

Its important to understand that the policy pays for the purchase price of your horse, not for how much you believe the horse is now worth, unless you can substantiate it and have it ageeed to and written into the policy at the time you purchase the policy. For example, you might prove the value with a bill of sale, equine appraisal, 1/2 of prize winnings or training costs, performance level, etc.  If you have a copy of your cancelled check from your original purchase, this is good proof.  You can also look in a horse trader magazine and try to find a similar horse.  If you do, then I would clip out the ad and keep it with your papers. I doubt you'd ever have a problem, because our companies really keep up on values, and they are not going to insure a horse you purchased for $1,000 for $100,000 without proof, even if you think the horse is that valuable. but my personal opinion is that it's best to be prepared up front, rather than try to prove something after the fact, like in a claim situation, where you're already upset over the death of the horse. 

Additionally, most of our Mortality Insurance policies cover up to 60% of the value of the horse for colic surgery at no extra charge, with a maximum coverage of $3,000 on the colic surgery.
Check your policy for exact details and coverages. 

What about Medical and Surgical Coverage?

Additional medical coverage, which increases the colic surgery coverage above that provided in the standard mortality policy, can be added with the optional major medical & surgery insurance. This coverage is ONLY available with purchase of the Equine Mortality Insurance, and sometimes - depending on the age of the horse - it may not be available for at all.  For example, companies begin putting restrictions on horses aged 16 and older.  At 15, you can obtain full mortality, with the medical & surgical.  But at 16, you can only obtain mortality & surgical, without the medical.  Then, at 18 and beyond, mortality only - and, the mortality insurance will only cover theft, or death due to certain accidents and acts of God (earthquake, flood, fire, lightning, etc).

For example, if your horse is valued at $10,000, then you'd likely receive up to $3,000 under the standard mortality if your horse requires colic surgery.  If you also purchased the optional Major Medical & Surgical, with (for example) $7,500 coverage levels, then colic surgery coverage would pay up to $10,500 ($3,000 from the standard Mortality policy plus the $7,500 from the Equine Major Medical & Surgical Insurance). Check your policy for exact details and coverages.  .

How are Premiums determined?

Premiums for Equine Mortality Insurance will vary depending on the breed and the age of the horse, the value of the horse, the use, the residence, etc.  Extended coverages are available for increasing the colic surgery & medical coverage, as well as loss of use, infertility, or named perils.  Equine Mortality & Major Medical policies are typically in effect for one year, and monthly payment plans usually are not available, with exceptions for large premiums for multiple horses, or a single high value horse.  Generally a veterinarian check is not required to obtain the insurance.  See our "Frequently Asked Questions about horse insurance" page for more information.

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